Josh Phegan

Josh Phegan is the key name thrown around industry circles in the last few years, and with good reason. He is known as Real Estate’s skyrocketing high performance coach.

He is the trainer that real estate industry leaders are engaging to inspire and ignite their agents to absolute clarity, focus – and most importantly – potent performance.

Not only is Josh a secret weapon utilised by many agencies, he is a highly sought after keynote speaker and personal agent success coach, collecting rave reviews on his diverse presentations and ongoing coaching engagements.

During his own successful real estate career in a highly competitive market, he was selected as one of Australia’s brightest real estate talents under 30 and represented Victoria at the Australasian Real Estate Championships. Josh’s true passion as an agent was finding unique, systematic and dynamic methods to accelerate his own personal performance.

It was the success of this search, plus his great ability to share this amazing knowledge, that led to the creation of the Josh Phegan Company.

The business grew from a small select group of elite agents to a large number of the who’s who in the industry adopting Josh’s systems and approach for their overall professional development strategy. His expertise has resulted in ongoing invitations for Josh to speak at national conferences, including events such as the Australasian Real Estate Conference, The Real Estate Leadership Conference, and the Australasian Real Estate Property Management Conference.

Josh generates explosive results and performance improvements by keeping it simple and scalable. Over 60% of his personal coaching clients generate in excess of $600,000 in gross fees. In 2012 he spoke at over 204 events in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Aside from the aggressive schedule that Josh keeps, he still finds time to release a host of professional resources including live events such as List. Sell. Negotiate, The Real Estate Panel, Real Estate Masterclass, and The Real Estate Blue-print, together with audio programs including Rapid Focus – for Agents (now in it’s 4th series), and Head Strong Leadership and Management Series (now in series 2).


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