Fear of the future

Greatness doesn’t just happen in business, it’s a human quest.

Getting to where you want to go requires three key things:
1. A clear vision on what success looks like for you
2. A plan of the how and whens
3. Getting in there and doing the work.

The reason why most real estate businesses suffer in turbulent markets is because they haven’t done enough work to get their business ready for the market conditions.

Having a fit database is about getting on the phones and speaking with each and everyone of your prospects. If you wouldn’t call them, then why have them on the list?

You wouldn’t wait until you’re in an unexpected storm to discover that you need more strength and endurance.

You have to start working at building your business from the ground up, working intensely, all the time, so that when conditions change you can draw from your list of potential sellers and past clients. If you only prospect when you need the stock, then your business will forever be up and down.

What I know, is that there has never been a better time for you to start. Building your prospecting muscles is about doing prospecting every day, first thing. Why first thing? Because that’s when you’ll feel your best, you’re the most rested you’ll be all day and it sends a clear signal of intent to your potential sellers that you’re here to do business.

Let’s make this week the best week of your real estate career. Work in clear focused 45 minute sessions today and lets see just how many calls you can do. I’m here on the sidelines cheering you on and I just can’t wait to hear about your success.



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