Achieving business growth

How do you actually achieve business growth in changing times? At the end of the day, we’re all here to grow a business, we’re all here to outpace inflation, and we ultimately want to grow rapidly in any marketplace. So how do we achieve business growth, how do we make it simple, how do we make it scalable, and what can we do to ensure success?

Achieving business growth comes down to a three-step formula:

  • Fitness
  • Systems
  • People

Most people grow a business by recruiting more people, then putting a system in place. We grow business the other way. We say, how do we get fitness at both a personal level and a business level? How do we get better systems to improve our processes, and then how do we get better people around that?

To achieve real growth, we need to look at fitness, systems and people. We break down the process and look at the strategic goal: What are the visions that we want to achieve over the next five years? From here we break that down into the next 12 months, and then into daily actions. We have set a strategy to achieve every single one of those key areas.

Growth usually comes from understanding the pain points. Looking at all the different projects the organization has on the table and deciding which ones are going to drive significant business growth. If we can do that, we lead to success. This is where coaching comes in.

If you want to learn more about achieving business growth, we have some really great products that can help you focus on the daily tasks that will get you on track for success.

Head Strong

The Panel
List. Sell. Negotiate

One on one

Sales Team Training
Franchise Training
Conference Speaking

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