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Conflict in an organization happens when you have a vision that is not clear, or there is a disconnect between who’s doing the daily actions and who’s setting the vision for the business. How do we manage and how do we lead through the different growth phases within your business?

Management and leadership is such an interesting space for us. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best agents in the country, and people who have grown in business from zero to $12 million in fees. We look at all the functions of managing and leading, from setting a clear vision through to financial responsibility, systems and the infrastructure assessment, the people plan, and what they are doing to win and grow market share.

When we look at managing vs leading, there are many different skills and attributes of a leader. Our audio program Head Strong looks at managing and leading as a very simple process:

  • You need to have a great plan
  • You need to set a clear vision
  • You need to be able to build a culture
  • You need to ultimately understand the values of the business.

When we look at building a great business we first look at the fundamental core values of that business. When Dean Mackie and I sat down and built Head Strong, we mapped out the five values in a business, and then moved forward to planning decisions. We discussed this not only from an infrastructure point of view, but also from a people point of view, from a cultural point of view, and toward setting up for market success.

To manage and lead is a process of working together, building a strategic plan, and then breaking that down into its individual steps.

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