Managing my time and stress

How do you manage your time better? How do you manage your stress so you can live a productive life outside of real estate, rather than having it consume you as an individual?

Stress is ultimately created through expectation; specifically expectations being too great for what you’ve actually got the current capacity to handle.

Handling stress is really a capacity issue. The question should be framed – How can I increase my levels of capacity?

Capacity can be only increased in three ways:

  • Fitness
  • Systems
  • People

How do you get fit personally in business, how do you put better systems in place, and how do we put people around it so that you can fix it?

Managing stress and time is about how you manage the energy inside your business. Stress is usually the result of a complex process being put in place as opposed to a simple process.

To fix this problem, you need to look at the fundamental things that generate revenue: i.e. what are the dollar productive activities, per hour activities, and how do we make those activities lead you to a result?

If you want to learn more about how to manage your time and stress, we have some really great products that can help you focus on the daily tasks that will get you on track for success.

Rapid Focus 2
Rapid Focus 3

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