Winning at the listing presentation

How do I become a great lister and win each listing presentation? Listing presentations is about understanding the sales process. You should be asking yourself, how do I identify the need of the client, then sell them the features? But the most important thing you need to establish is the benefit that fixes what the client actually wants. Once you have established this you can start to trial close, handling their objections along the way until you finally close.

90% of the effectiveness of the pitch is about understanding the client’s needs. So when we talk about listing presentations, what we ultimately do is to zoom back in and ask, how do we find out what the client’s fear is?

Try asking “Would it be okay if I show you how we get you the best price and reduce the marketing costs, so that you know that we’re a very safe option in the marketplace and can perform?” All of a sudden you understand that the dynamics of pitching to be a great lister are actually about understanding the questions that we ask in order to empower people.

You know, the function of knowledge is not in how much you speak; it’s in the questions that you ask. The power of an incredible lister is one who listens more than they speak.

If you want to learn more about how to win at the listing presentation, we have some really great products that can help you focus on the daily tasks that will get you on track for success.

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