Coaching Tips

Past client leakage

  • Look at and and search new listings. For every new street where there’s a new listing, go into your database and find past clients that own a property in this street.
  • Call them using this simple script: ‘Hi, it’s Josh Phegan calling, just a quick courtesy call to let you know that number 21 in your street has just been listed for sale.  Now, we didn’t list it this time, but would it be okay if I let you know what it makes when it sells?  Oh, by the way, what do you think your house is worth?’
  • This can trigger either their referral to a friend or family member’s, them either buying a property from you, or them selling a property with you.
  • The challenge is to find the people that are actually prepared to talk about the marketplace.
  • If you don’t want to call your past clients because you don’t think that they’ll know you, then you should probably give up now. The reason I say that is this if you don’t know them, then they don’t know you either.
  • Don’t become irrelevant to all of the people inside of your database.
  • Have frequent and relevant conversations so the customer will actually care about connecting with you.

Past market appraisals leakage

  • You do hundreds of market appraisals every year versus the number that you actually list.
  • Our key agent in the Rapid Focus 3 will do over 230 market appraisals this year.  He will only list 100 of those homes. That is 136 market appraisals that are left over every year.
  • Year, after year if you do not focus on this leakage, this will compound until you’ve got hundreds of clients that you never ever did any work with.

 Open for inspection books and enquiry logs leakage

  • Getting on the phone and calling through these lists is one of the most important activities you can do.

Fix the greatest areas of leakage; develop a better strategy or process in the way that you work with your past clients, past market appraisals, open for inspection booklets and enquiry logs and you’ll see a significant change in your real estate business.

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