Conference Speaking

Our keynote presentations are selected due to their non-standard industry style. Vivid imagery is combined with the latest multi-media experiences to create a total sensory experience. Our lead presenter Josh Phegan has exceptional experience in delivering content that will not only be exciting and enjoyable – but will give the audience memorable actionable take-aways that continue to give value long after everyone has left the room. From creative marketing to buyer relationship management, each keynote is designed to push the boundaries, making your next event a roaring success.

Brilliant Presentations

Josh’s main presentations have thrilled thousands of agents in a diverse group of Real Estate industry leaders, with up to 2500 people in attendance. These leading events include the Panel, List Sell Negotiate and Masterclass. Recently Josh has been asked to be a keynote speaker at this years AREC 2010 conference which is the largest real estate agent conference in the country.

The actual presentations are stylised with audio and video when required and bought together to create a true full sensory learning experience to the audience.

Josh Phegan

Josh is the guy that real estate industry leaders are scrambling to book, so he can inspire and ignite their agents to absolute clarity, focus and most importantly – potent performance.

During his own successful real estate career, which includes being selected as one of Australia’s brightest real estate talents under 30 and representing Victoria at the Australasian Real Estate Championships, Josh’s true passion was finding unique, systematic and dynamic methods to accelerate his own personal performance.

It was this search, success and his great ability to share this amazing knowledge that led to his own company being born – ReEngage Coaching.

ReEngage coaching grew from a small select group of elite agent clients to now in 2010 having a large number of the who’s who in the industry adopting ReEngage for their overall professional development strategy, not to mention Josh being invited to speak at National conferences including events such as the 2010 Australian Real Estate Conference.

The distinguishing feature that separates Josh from others is his ability to cut right to the heart of what actually generates explosive results and performance. This is evident in his client list representing major real estate agencies and unique one on one coaching for a select group with over 40% of them earning $600k + in fees.

Aside from the aggressive schedule that Josh keeps, he still finds time to release a host of professional resources, including live events such as “List, Sell, Negotiate” “The Panel” and “Masterclass”.

What people are saying

“If you are serious about bringing your career to a higher success level, Josh engages your senses, takes you beyond your comfort zone, pushes the edges, essentially transforming the team into high achieving professionals. The key is in his cutting edge, relevant ideas and accountability system. So much so that he has been engaged for our overseas operations.”

“Josh’s has very simply and effectively turned my business around a few with simple and straight forward systems that are getting results straight away. I can’t thank you enough Josh. To anyone who is wanting some guidance or just needing to get things back on track and looking for some coaching or mentoring, I highly recommend Josh. He will have you listing and selling in no time.”

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