Changed Agents Award

Recognising agents who make change happen and enjoy big results in business and in life.

We’re looking for agents across Australia and New Zealand who have learnt something from us in training that’s helped them to achieve big results in business and in life. It could have been something you read in a daily email, through to attending one of our live events or even private coaching.

What we’re looking for are stories of inspiration, where you made a decision to get past failure and to get good in your business. The award is open to salespeople or business owners and is your chance to shine. All you need to do is to nominate, fill in our short application form and then you could be selected as one of our four finalists, where you'll be invited to speak at our Blue-print event.

Our expert panel:

  • Josh Phegan
  • Dean O'Brien, OBrien Real Estate
  • Simon Cashman, General Manager, Agentbox (Australia)
  • Jason Hussey, General Manager, Property Press (New Zealand)

Our winner will receive over $17,000 in cash and prizes from the Josh Phegan Company and our sponsors Agentbox (Australia) and Property Press (New Zealand), including a one-on-one consulting session working with Josh and one annual subscription to Josh Phegan Digital.

You'll also gain significant industry credibility and build the profile to boom your referral network from agents across the country. Our runners-up will receive a $1,000 voucher each to spend with the Josh Phegan company on our live events, private coaching, or online learning. *This does not apply for half or full day training/consulting.


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Australia Changed Agents

New Zealand Changed Agents

Australia applications close Friday, 8th July 2022

New Zealand applications close Friday, 19th August 2022



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