Black & White Interview - Alexander Phillips


Alexander Phillips is a Principal with Phillips Pantzer Donnelley, an independent boutique brand in Sydney. In this interview he remembers how he started out in an agency’s back office and 12 years later has his own agency with 2 partners. Alex is intense and always prospecting, but also makes sure he has substantial time off twice a year to regroup.

Phillips Pantzer Donnelley always has substantial sales because they adapt to the market constantly. Alex is known for selling properties in a very short time. Alex calls their approach “compression selling” and most of their buyers come from their database. The brand’s reputation is what sells properties to clients they have a strong relationship with and they maintain those relationships actively. Phillips Pantzer Donnelley holds 18 to 20 open for inspections each Saturday with possibly 360 buyers coming through, and he follows up by calling all of them beginning the Sunday after and continuing through Monday. Taking time and not rushing through makes sure no potential buyers are lost, and Alex is on the phone all the time.

The core of his business is connecting with people he already knows. Alex’s business grows significantly every year because their team is structured, focused, and dedicated. Putting an expert team together is really the defining point between amateur and professional, because being a pro means focusing on what’s really important. The key is in getting face to face with clients and making more of the calls that count.

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