The Black & White Interviews - Lynette Malcolm

Welcome to The Black & White Interviews, a Josh Phegan initiative to showcase the top agents we work with in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Our next Black & White interview series will feature Lynette Malcolm, Partner - Chadwick Real Estate.

Lynette Malcolm - Started in Real Estate 2008 - Core market - Upper North Shore Sydney - Most number of transaction in a year was 42 - 80% Auction vs 20% for sale - Works with a team of 2 including an Executive Assistant & Sales Assistant - Best piece of advice? If you can start your career underneath a successful, established agent (even if this means working as an assistant for a few years). Never feel like this is holding you back. The more training and learning you do at the beginning... the faster you find your way to the top. Create good habits early and focus on the numbers that count. Always be learning – always in all ways! - How do you overcome challenges in your business? I constantly try to step out of my business and evaluate. This distances excuses that crept in from your personal dialogue. I have worked hard to establish myself in a conservative market. I overcame being a reasonably young female by working on local knowledge until I had the runs on the board to ask for the business. I treat each and every meeting with the same care and attention to preparation. A vast proportion of my marketplace is Asian buyers. I overcame a difficulty in communication and negotiation by employing an incredible Chinese assistant who delivers what I believe to be industry best service to this market segment. We wanted the opportunity to showcase the top agents we get to work with and share their secrets and insights of how they have become exceptional agents in their marketplace and made their way to the top. Each month we will feature a new agent. The full-length version of these interviews will be available exclusively to Josh Phegan Members, giving you a great opportunity to learn and grow from the top agents and their strategies for becoming million dollar agents.

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