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Josh Phegan is an internationally renowned go-to speaker, trainer and coach for high-performance real estate agents and agencies

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We inspire estate agents to achieve their potential and financial freedom, through best in class private and public training events, keynote presentations at industry conferences, dynamic live private coaching, the daily email, weekly coaching tip, weekly podcast, and our incredible online Digital platform featuring over 100 hours of the best real estate agent training materials on prospecting, listing, growth and negotiation.
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30 Day Intense
This program connects you with Josh as your mentor and trainer in an intense 30-day period. Josh will be speaking with you every business day for a month to keep you on track. This is a serious momentum shifter that focuses on personal productivity - over the life of the program, we focus on driving call sessions, measure your calls connects and appointments together with stock review to get more stock cleared more often.


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All of our coaching programs start with Josh Phegan Digital. Once you’ve mastered the essentials, then you can move on to our high-end coaching programs below.

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Private Coaching
This includes a 30-minute private coaching session with Josh one on one. Face to face in Melbourne or Sydney, or via the phone or web, these sessions allow you to ask the real questions, as Josh helps you to uncover and clear the blockages to your success. They are highly intense and focus specifically on how to get you moving fast.


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One system, one philosophy and one approach on what it takes to write $1m in fees per year.

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