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Your opportunity to join an incredibly
ambitious team in an ever-changing
work environment, delivering amazing events
and content to help real estate agents achieve their
potential and financial freedom.


Join Australia's leading Real Estate Agent training business and rapidly grow your skills. You'll have the opportunity to be apart of an incredibly dynamic team, working remotely, delivering over 208 events in 5 different countries and produce a wide of array of industry-leading audio, video and editorial content.

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Work With Us

Work With Us

What's it like to work with vision? Learn about our Purpose, Mission and Values


There's plenty of companies to work for, but not many that work as a small, highly independent team, with an incredible culture of getting things done. Here's a handful of reasons why our team chooses to work with us.

Flexible work locations

Work from home, on the road or at our office in Double Bay, supported by an incredible remote workforce across Australia.

Travel & life experiences

Attend our live events across Australia and be a part of our monthly team meetings in exciting locations.

Incredible clients

The best of the best in the Real Estate industry choose us to help them achieve their potential, working in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and UAE.

Dynamic projects & culture of innovation

Over 208 live events, iOS and Android apps, we're never short of an idea or a project to get to work on.

App & Technology stack

The latest apps for internal collaboration, automated sales processes and CRM to make your role a breeze.

Personal Growth

The chance to work with people who are passionate about growing, learning new skills and making great things happen.


There's plenty to do in this dynamic business. Here are the three major areas our team play in every day.


Schedule incredible content, take the lead on our marketing campaigns and work with our suppliers


Take the lead on our operational and customer support, with growth, management, sales and engagement through our digital channels.


Help our clients achieve their potential in their purchase of over 208 events, Digital and coaching programs


You'll see fast and high-quality content produced, ready for you to schedule, build out amazing customer journeys, take the lead on our marketing campaigns and drive revenue

Lead our marketing campaigns

From digital to offline, control and direct our marketing content to drive engagement and revenue across our entire customer base

Learn new skills

Live environments to test, track and measure new marketing initiatives, so you can do more of what works

Tap into incredible suppliers

Graphic and web design, video and automation suppliers provide you with all the tools you need to deliver dynamic campaigns

Build customer journeys

Automate customer journeys from ticket purchase to fulfilment using the latest tech including Salesforce and Sendgrid

Schedule amazing content

From recorded live events to coaching tips and podcasts, you'll be in charge of content syndication and own the publishing calendar

Work closely with our dynamic sales team

Ensure sales targets are set and met by directing the marketing activities of the day


Be a Scheduling Master

Work an incredible calendar of flights, cars, accommodation and logistics to support our events in four countries both physically and virtually.

Provide Digital Support

Use best in class systems to streamline client support through live chat and social channels.

Assist Customer Growth

Assisting customers in their purchase of coaching sessions, training in-house and public events.

Handle Overflow Sales

Work directly with our head of sales in helping our clients scale through our different training programs, including scheduling and post-session support.

Drive Team Engagement

Supporting the team during busy periods, keeping us all on track, cracking the whip and driving our monthly team meetings.

Excel with Customer Relationships

Through attending live events, undertaking new projects, launching new apps and being exposed to fast-paced business growth, you’ll meet some incredible people.


Experiences sales like never before with amazing lead generation that makes this job role a breeze, liaising with the best of the best in the Real Estate industry

208 events a year

Time flies when you're having fun, or selling out 140+ private, 60+ live events, Digital and private coaching

Sales opportunities in 5 countries

Get to work with clients in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and the United Arab Emirates

Automated sales systems

Amazing lead generation produces the best leads to work with, making it easy to achieve the targets and help incredible customers

Full marketing team support

Social, email and offline marketing and content to produce a strong sales lead pipeline - working with better quality leads more often

Customer engagement events

Attend our premium events with our best clients to increase customer spend and sell solutions that meet new needs

As much or as little travel as you like

You'll have the chance to travel to as many or as little of our events you want, engaging with the clients and experience new locations and cultures


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