Changed Agents Award WINNER - Ali Hellesoe

Ali Hellesoe, Licensee Sales Person of Ray White is the winner of our New Zealand Changed Agents Award 2019. Ali explains how prospecting was made easier, how she is achieving her goals and how training with Josh has helped growth and success in her real estate career.

What I have changed the most thanks to training with Josh is being able to set goals and get a clear idea on the type of agent I want to be and where I want to go. Through scripts and dialogues, Josh's training has made prospecting easier and more fluent in my day to day conversations with prospective vendors and buyers.

I have been able to adopt all of this thanks to Josh and the people around me. I have a great support network of mentors, friends and colleagues - everyone plays a part in my success and helping me achieve my growth and goals.

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Attending Blueprint in my first year allowed me to develop structure and steps to reach my goals. One of the first things I did was clean my database to service my customers more regularly to become top of mind and relevant. I listen to weekly podcasts and implement new ideas or dialogue to sharpen my language with buyers and sellers.

My favourite Josh one-liner is, “It takes guts, resilience, energy, momentum and sacrifice, it's not easy but it's definitely worth it”.