Why you need a leadership vision
The bigger the dream, the more important the team. As a leader, you want to create a leader, leader model. Most businesses are leader-follower, where everyone in the business has to seek permission, or even worse they are given autonomy, but then undermined in the decisions made. Once that happens you'll never have trust, and the ability for others to lead is lost....

The Secret to Success
You’re the only one that can carve out a successful real estate career for yourself. The trouble is many people don’t succeed and here’s why; they’re scared to. They’re scared of failure and, surprisingly, many are afraid of going all in and being incredibly successful. But there are some things you can do to ensure travelling those unchartered waters is a little easier....

Business Growth
Too often business leaders fear rather than celebrate the swift growth of their business. Management becomes overwhelmed and bogged down in processes that hinder rather than aid expansion. However, the one area you should never get too afraid of is business growth and the pace at which it is building....

Taking it to the Next Level
Mediocre; it’s a word most people hate and for real estate agents it’s a time, a phase in their career, they want to quickly skip past. So how do you leapfrog past the point in your career where things are moving along okay but not setting the world on fire?...

Hiring an Assistant
Agents looking to grow their business should keep the adage ‘many hands make light work’ top of mind. As the number of properties you list and sell increases it’s vital that you build a team around you to cope with the increasing workload. There’s only so much one agent can take on themselves and that’s why hiring an assistant is a key component in progressing your business....

Leading Agent
Real estate is a competitive and, at times, merciless industry. Every day, at every agency, every agent is competing for appointments, listings and ultimately sales. It’s a world where the highs can be dizzying, the lows desperately depressing and the difference between success and failure can be fickle....

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