Changed Agents Award Finalist - James & Francesca Nicol

James & Francesca Nicol of Biggin & Scott Ballarat are our first ever Australian Changed Agents Award finalists couple. James tells us how their business improved with Josh's advice, the actions he took to implement strategy, and how accountability adapted their success. Francesca explains how their turning point was with their Property Management department, growth of staff, and how being accountable and supported is so important.


We have completely changed our growth mindset. Ballarat is a very competitive market; we have one of the lowest rate of homeowners to estate agents. Some days, it’s overwhelming and you wonder how you’ll make ends meet. What improved our business is when we took on Josh’s advice. He said, you’ve got to play a bigger game, focus on where you want to be, and daily improvements will ensure you’re successful. This in itself has helped us grow business.

We adapted this into our business by being accountable daily to our KPIs, 45-minute call sessions x three per day, three appointments every day – that’s 60 appointments per month; you can’t help but be a success.

“The quality of your communications determine the quality of your life” – is my favourite Josh Phegan quote, but there are so many. I think what Josh does best, is being able to convey a message that is not just important for us as an agent, but everything he says has a purpose for the vendors and their outcomes.

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For us, trying to secure really good property managers felt challenging as a new business. The most important piece of advice from Josh for us was to buy another rent roll. It seems simple but it was a massive turning point for our business. It took us from a holding pattern to take off. It all flowed on from there. This gave us credibility and allowed us to have the right processes in place. Now we have eight staff and have been able to take it to the next level.

Favourite Josh Phegan saying is, “Are you stick or are you carrot?”

All I need Josh to say is have you got your eight listings for the month? It keeps me in check. I don’t need the long conversation, I just need someone who keeps me accountable. Josh is incredibly supportive.