Changed Agents Award Finalist - Jeremy Hodder

Jeremy Hodder from Belle Property is one of our Australian Changed Agents Award 2018 finalists. He explains how he had to adjust to going from a secure job to pursuing a career as an auctioneer. Now, as a successful sales agent of 14+ years, he writes over $1.5 million a year. 

Jeremy Hodder has been close to “throwing it all in”.

“Rock bottom for me was when Sian (who is now my EA and is godmother to our first daughter Evie) was having to buy us groceries to get by,” he said.

Mr Hodder’s biggest career challenge was the transition from a secure job to pursue auctioneering as a 24-year-old with his first baby on the way.

“I went to Sydney to learn the craft of auctioneering. I was trying to build an auction culture in Wollongong, which was not traditionally an auction-based marketplace and was really struggling financially as a result of minimal auctions, not to mention the toll the travelling was having on me with then a newborn baby,” he explained.

It was at that point Mr Hodder decided to leave Sydney to go back to an agency. He said it was starting from scratch.

“I was determined to be the best I could be and determined to never feel like I did again. Josh’s training, podcasts, scripts and emails were an integral part of my “set up” period as I couldn’t afford personal coaching.”

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But it is all a far cry from where he is today.

In 2017, Mr Hodder was awarded REB’s number one regional sales agent in and he has been Belle property’s highest transacting agent for the past three years.

“I have had to make change happen on many occasions to get to where I am today. In the beginning, I took a huge risk to change my position and dedicated myself to making it work. Once I built some traction, I then made change happen with the start of building my team to build on my processes and increase the volume in my business. By being super consistent with my prospecting and BDA marketing, I was able to double my business two years in a row,” said Mr Hodder.

Last financial year, Mr Hodder sold 120 properties with an average sale price of $964.411.

He is now a principal of an office and takes joy in helping mentor other young agents and his team, all the while still growing his business.

Mr Hodder shared that he has always been driven and competitive.

“I was very sport focused as a kid and always thrived on being coached and improving at whatever I did.  I am a very caring person, very down to earth and I wear my heart on my sleeve, this is a quality that has always allowed me to build rapport with people quickly and genuinely.

These qualities and the ability to provide amazing and personalised service, whilst delivering outstanding results and also being very conscious and understanding of people’s needs and circumstances I believe make me a stand-out,” he said.