Changed Agents Award Finalist - Julie Gauci

Julie Gauci from Ray White is one of our Australian Changed Agents Award 2018 finalists. She shares her story of growth and sacrifices through her real estate career, which spans more than 10 years. Julie Gauci understands what it takes to be number one in an office, but admits she has had to make various personal sacrifices along the journey.

"I've had seriously rapid growth in a short space of time which left me overwhelmed. Not to mention constantly feeling guilty when I was at work because I wasn't with my family. I struggled to get things in order and had many emotional breakdowns in my first 18 months," she said.

Mrs Gauci made the move across to sales from property management only two years ago. It was then she decided she had to develop better work/life balance.

Now, she manages to take 28 days leave to spend with her loved ones, all the while managing her successful business.

The suburban agent has an average fee of $16,000, selling 39 properties last financial year. "My biggest achievement to date is writing more than anyone else in my group, even the guys that have been doing it for 10+ years. I am also the number one auction lister in the office, which is something I'm proud of," she said.

There was no defining moment in Mrs Gauci's life that proved "instant success".

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"It's constant. It's always striving to go a bit harder, do a bit more, be a bit better. It's the small changes that have helped me accelerate. I remember my first Blue Print with Josh and thinking, how on earth am I going to make all this happen and what I realise now is, for me, change is about small steps and developing new habits," she shared.

What has significantly helped Mrs Gauci's business is implementing daily systems and processes.

"I love a good system, I do well when I have a process to follow. The less I have to think about what I've got to do, the more brain space I have free to focus on other things. That's where Josh has really helped me out."

Some other changes she made included:

  • AM in PM out
  • Just listed & just sold calls
  • Selling three appointment times every day
  • Created small, medium & large marketing packages
  • Social Media off her phone
  • No coffee until the calls are done

In turn, these processes and changes have allowed Mrs Gauci to spend better quality time with her family, all the while still reaching her real estate goals and bettering her business.

Her excellent work ethic and refined systems are why she believes she is a strong Changed Agent finalist.