Changed Agents Award Finalist - Nigel Harry

Nigel Harry, Senior Sales Consultant & Auctioneer of Jellis Craig Northcote is one of our Australian Changed Agents Award 2019 finalists. Nigel explains the importance of diary management, how Josh has helped to expand his depth to see the bigger picture of what's capable for your business, and how systems have helped their business to grow.

The one thing that has changed me the most for me since working with Josh is diary management. By controlling the day, I’m a lot more productive. Everything goes in the diary – health, family and business, in that order. At the end of the week, I review my goals, what I’ve achieved, and the lessons learned. This gives me inspiration, reassurance and an opportunity to reflect on things that didn’t perhaps go to plan.  All of this helps keep me focussed and stay on the right path.

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Josh continually challenges you to expand your depth of view and create a bigger picture of what’s really possible inside of your business. Speed is the new currency. Clients are time poor; they want relevant information and they want it now. Implementing his systems like results-based geographical prospecting have provided us with a competitive edge, enabling us to deliver exactly what the consumer wants, in real time as it happens.

“No one came here to play it small” is one of my favourite Josh quotes.