Changed Agents Award Finalist - Peter Jones

Peter Jones, Sales Consultant of Harcourts Birkenhead is one of our New Zealand Changed Agents Award 2019 finalists. Peter tells us about his shift in schedules and time management, how he successfully transitioned from working in a business partnership to working on his own, and the importance of training and systems.

Prior to Josh’s training, I didn’t have any systems or scheduled time in place that allowed me to make calls on a daily basis. Now, I have dedicated time for this important task and am able to track the calls I have already made.

Importantly, as my circumstances changed, I have also learned to work as my own business, instead of with a business partner.

For most of the 22 years that I have been a real estate agent, I have worked in a business partnership. There are many great advantages of this, which include:

  • Two agents have two different personalities and skillsets, which can be more effective in dealing with vendors & buyers.
  • You have someone to bounce ideas off. When one is away the other is still working.

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Up until last year, I had always worked in a business partnership. Thanks to the training, the systems and being able to strengthen my own business, last year I increased my income three times the amount of the previous year.

There are so many great Josh Phegan quotes and one-liners, but my favourite is,” Every client has a problem, your job is to solve the problem”.