Changed Agents Award Finalist - Peter Joyce

Peter Joyce, Director of Stockdale & Leggo Wangaratta is one of our Australian Changed Agents Award 2019 finalists. Peter tells us about what he's learnt from training with Josh, how his mindset has improved and shares his key to success.

Before undergoing training with Josh, I didn’t have my priorities in order. I was too focused on work and wasn’t spending enough time with my family or improving my health. As a result of training with Josh, I was able to change my priorities; he taught me to focus on health and family, then work.

My mindset has changed for the better and it has had a ripple effect across my team. I now have a much clearer view of what I want to achieve. From the training sessions, I have been able to implement more attainable goals. As a team, our culture has improved because a greater emphasis is now placed on gratitude, lessons learnt and personal achievements.

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Not being complacent and comfortable is the key to prolonged success. I continue to look at everything we do and ask myself, “how can we do it better?”

My favourite Josh saying is, “What has got you here, won’t necessarily get you to where you want to go”.