Changed Agents Award Finalist - William Tatana

William Tatana, Sales & Marketing Consultant of Harcourts Cooper & Co is one of our New Zealand Changed Agents Award 2019 finalists. William explains how his mindset has shifted dramatically since training with Josh, the point where the real growth happened, and how a strong team gives him tremendous leverage to cover more and establish networks.

The main thing I have changed since training with Josh Phegan was is my mindset. I have gone from a poverty mindset to an abundance mindset. Our Auckland market has become more challenging, so we are concentrating on our existing and past client base, plus nurturing the newer relationships recently established in order to list more properties. There is plenty of business out there for us, we just need to go out and chase it.

Prior to meeting Josh, I struggled with being systemised; I was all over the place, from prospecting to categorising clients all the way through to being sold.

The changing point for me was winning a ticket from our company to my first BluePrint 2014 in Auckland. From then onwards, I grew as a person

I moved from a small boutique to Harcourts Cooper and Co in 2016; since then I have tripled my business.

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Having a strong team gives me tremendous leverage to cover a wide geographical area, plus establishing networks you would never have on your own.

Our team involves Debbie Drazek our team PA, who has 20 years’ experience in the real estate industry, Troy Restieaux my sales associate, who has a wealth of project management experience, and Sam Walmsley our go-to auctioneer. He knows the team intimately and has always been supportive of our endeavours.

This team has helped me scale up business quickly and maintain momentum. They also provide a greater level of accountability. We have a directional meeting 8.30am every Monday morning which sets the next five listings we aim to achieve. When you join us, you are joining a tribe that has a positive culture and strong core values.

My favourite Josh Phegan quote is “Where do your customers hang out before they need you?”