Leading Change

Change is never easy. But it’s not changing at all that is the downfall of many once great real estate agents. I explain how you can avoid the pitfalls and set yourself up for success. For many of us in real estate, change is the only constant.

People handle it in different ways and many see change in a negative light. They’re the ones recounting the glory days of old while resisting the new, usually with an ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ general worldview. So why is it that when the winds of change sweep through our industry that some build walls, while others create windmills that power remarkable growth?

The key is getting clear about your goals, ambition and being in a position to define what is important to you now and having a plan for the future. Not just 12 months down the track but a longer-term view. And how will you get there, step by step.

You should look 25 years ahead. When you are that age, 25 years on, where do you want to be in your life?

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It’s only once you envision this that you can fully start to build a framework to take you there. It becomes less about what you want in life and more about what’s really important to you. Having a clear purpose will help form a platform for you to stand on when the ground is shaky for others. It will ground you with solid values about important areas of your life, such as:

Health: Your diet, exercise and sleep

Relationships: A significant other, your family and friends.

Creativity and Community: Your interests in music, art, design and sport.

Spiritual: Your belief and connection.

Financial: What passive and active income goals you have.

Professional: Your career aspirations.

Adventure: Your plans to renew with fun and recreation.

Legacy: How you will be remembered.

Character: How you behave and are perceived.

Material: What you want to possess.

Once you refine your philosophy around these core areas, you will have a roadmap to guide you through the changing landscape to where you want to be in your life. Change renews and refreshes. It keeps you young and allows you to adapt to all the challenges you will face. Often it’s the little things such as dealing with new database software or a new process or procedure. Sometimes it’s change outside of your control such as elections or government policy changes or major moves on the international stage, such as Brexit.

It’s important to remember that ultimately when things change it is a great opportunity for you to step up. Leading change in difficult times will position you as a go-to person in the minds of your customers. Once you have a vision that captures the essence of what you really want to achieve in your lifetime you will start to be guided by purpose and direction.

It is then that you can decide for yourself: Are you going to drive change or will change drive you?

This article first appeared on Elite Agent: https://eliteagent.com/dealing-with-change/