The Secret to Success

Success – it’s all up to you. That may be blunt but it’s the truth.

You’re the only one that can carve out a successful real estate career for yourself. The trouble is many people don’t succeed and here’s why; they’re scared to. They’re scared of failure and, surprisingly, many are afraid of going all in and being incredibly successful. But there are some things you can do to ensure travelling those unchartered waters is a little easier.

The first is changing your mindset and realising that failure is not something to be feared. Rather than holding back and not attempting anything new because you’re worried you won’t succeed, give it your best shot.

The more you fail the quicker you learn and the quicker you learn the more you earn.

It’s important to have a real passion and drive and to understand that every no you get is another no closer to receiving a yes. Push past rejection and people hanging up on you and you’ll discover that asking great questions, such as ‘what are the next steps’ or ‘how can I help’ and ‘if I had a buyer could I show them your place or should I sell them something else’ can unlock the customer.

This develops a confidence so it doesn’t matter what the customer says you know to focus on them and their situation.

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When changing your mindset it’s also vital that you leave all of the emotional issues, challenges and distractions from your everyday life at the front door when you walk in the office, this makes connecting with the customer so much easier. One thing I’ve discovered training my clients is the power of the past and how trawling past market appraisals and clients can be a goldmine for fresh vendors.

After asking those key questions you suddenly discover you’ve booked marketing appraisals and they turn into listing presentations and they become listings. Then you discover you’ve got open for inspections and potential buyers to call back and your confidence soars. The trouble is no one tells you that for the first handful of transactions you’re going to be as shaky as hell.

The key is to ride that choppy surf and sail into the calm water.

But don’t think you’re safe just yet, all could go pear-shaped if you don’t look after yourself. It’s not unheard of for real estate agents to find themselves rocking backwards and forwards at the bottom of the shower unable to deal with all of the stress and pressure. The secret to getting past that is to look after yourself and that means eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep.

On the work front, you need to work from a task list, manage your time well, have a start and end time for the day and implement systems to maximise your abilities and capabilities. Once you know these systems and can teach them to others all of the stress and anxiety starts to evaporate.

The key is, once you reach $30,000 GCI three months in a row you can hire an assistant, which will force you to have those systems in place and make your business more successful.

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