Head in the Game
Real estate agents striving for success need to make sure they are mentally tough. I explain some ways to make sure your head is always in the game. We've all seen mentally inferior tennis players double fault to lose a tiebreak and everyday real estate agents face just as much pressure. So how can you ensure you play like Roger Federer rather than ‘Nigel Nobody’?...

Hiring an Assistant
Agents looking to grow their business should keep the adage ‘many hands make light work’ top of mind. As the number of properties you list and sell increases it’s vital that you build a team around you to cope with the increasing workload. There’s only so much one agent can take on themselves and that’s why hiring an assistant is a key component in progressing your business....

Leading Agent
Real estate is a competitive and, at times, merciless industry. Every day, at every agency, every agent is competing for appointments, listings and ultimately sales. It’s a world where the highs can be dizzying, the lows desperately depressing and the difference between success and failure can be fickle....

Career Progression
Starting out and progressing your career can be tricky if you don’t know where you’re going. Time may heal all wounds but it doesn’t necessarily equate to success in the real estate field. Just because you’ve been an agent for 20 years doesn’t mean you are at the top of your field....

For the unprepared agent, a listing presentation can quickly become a minefield of ‘should haves’ and ‘would haves’ when vendors take a cut-throat approach to selecting their selling agent. But to succeed at the listing presentation agents need to be armed with a heavy bat in order to knock those curveballs out of the field. Over the years the agents I coach have consistently come to me for solutions to the top curveballs vendors pitch at them....

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